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"i'll never let them hurt you, i promise"


"i'll never let them hurt you, i promise"

     When the days disappear, and become no longer near, I can quietly hear the sound of foreboding footsteps approaching as my mind becomes lost and my fear becomes stronger. In many ways unexpressed, I can see through the night’s thick black in hopes that perhaps, someone will find me here. I am hopeless as I wonder. But these footsteps growing closer have told me that alone, I am not. And my mind will travel onward to a place of repression and depth so deep that I am unable to comprehend just what I am feeling.

     I am greeted by a pair of eyes that deem unfamiliar; I am quite shocked by what I see. What is now staring me directly in the face, is a creature so dark, so obscure, that I black out. Those eyes. What have they done? The night is a warrior and I want to surrender. Lost in a trance of nightmarish visuals, I peel my eyes open and gaze once again upon what my very being cannot handle. There is a voice now. Soft yet deep. I tremble. My surroundings are familiar. I have been to this place before. The night, still as blinding as ever, is telling me not to be afraid as he approaches.

      He gazes at me, eyes yellow and burning with a fire so unimaginable, the only option is to avert my eyes once more. He speaks in tones unclear. Languages unknown. Species unknown. Manlike, almost demonic. We are trapped inside of my mind. He is not letting me leave. My psyche is becoming weaker and more undependable. I don’t know what to do. My vocal cords fail me as I attempt to call out for help. Nothing. Only silence remains.

     I am unharmed, but I am frightened. Dancing demons now surround me, carrying torches not burned out in the past. They’re burning me now. I am in pain. I am crying. I am sobbing, and they continue their ways. I see him again, standing in my peripherals. He is watching, and he is waiting. What he wants, I will not let him have. Although he has brought me to this place, once again, I will escape. I will win. I will return home alive and sane.

   The last time I was here, he was not. It was not this immense. I was able to escape before they found me. What I can remember the most is being able to run faster than my feet ever allowed. And when I reached the exit, I threw my arms out to the world and told myself “never again.”

     But here I am. Again. The situation has worsened and I am becoming fearful for my life. My body is now covered with blisters and burns, cuts and bruises. I am cold. Black and blue. Almost gone. Almost gone.

     At this point, all I can do is ask myself the question “why?” Why did I have to bring myself here again? Nothing is real. My state of mind has deconstructed into almost nothing at all. The horrors around me are becoming so repetitive that I am used to them. I do nothing. He laughs now, and points at me. Declaring he has won. He does so with a confidence that leaves me wanting nothing more than to destroy him completely.

            Rage overcomes my body, and I can feel adrenaline spilling through my veins. I lift myself from the pit of nothings this shallow entity has placed me in. I break free. He protests what he sees, and follows me as I run through this terrifying place that only exists in my mind. Throwing blades and arrows that pierce my flesh, he is able to slow me down, but I do not let him reach me. I am crawling now, on this icy floor; hands bloody and raw. I am winning. I am bleeding, and I am fading away, but I am winning. And I will make it out alive.

            I look behind my shoulder, as I’ve lost sound of his heavy breathing behind me. I see nothing. Only the rich fog that is dancing in the air and approaching my lungs. I inhale. And I wait. I am ready now. I can vastly remember the taste of daylight and sound of the world as it turns. I crave for the innocence I once felt. I long so badly to escape this place for good… And then he appears. Towering over me like a tree, he attempts to crush me with his fist. He fails. I run, I scatter. As quickly as my legs will carry me. I know what I have to do.

            I am almost at the exit. I can see the demons equipped with torches approaching me, and I panic. Rather than turning back and going the other way, I scurry towards them, now even quicker than before. They smile. They grin, giggle and laugh. They are being misled. My body is now slightly ablaze from the flames of the torches, but I will not let them stop me. Melted flesh will not slow me down. Not even my own…I close my eyes for only a moment. And I can see so clearly what I’ve desperately been longing for this whole time.

     I jolt. Eyes open, and blood pumping; I throw my fists into the air. Violently, I am able to obtain a torch from a demon. Immediately, and without thought, I set fire to them all. I am winning. I am stronger, and I am smarter. I wait for him. The yellow in his eyes contains an evil that mankind itself can not comprehend. Only ones mind can produce such darkness. He comes from the shadows. He is infuriated.

     The fire burns flames like angered tides. Everything is engulfed in the blood-red ambiance of death and demolition. He looks at me, and it stings my face. I try to escape the fire as he then looks upon the deaths of his many followers. I am winning.

     Distracted by the disaster in which he created, I watch his path to remaining life become blocked with flames. He has trapped himself inside the very depths of hell. And I am almost out. I am running again. As fast as I can go. I can feel the daylight getting closer and closer. I have won. I throw my arms out to the world, once again. A kiss of sunlight and gratification from the Earth welcomes me as I return to reality. I am still here. I still remain. I can continue.